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How to Fly a Helicopter

How to Fly a Helicopter

The Helicopter is a relativity simple machine to fly, with only a flew lesson the new student can master the basic principles of how to fly a helicopter in flight. In near all basic helicopter training the student pilot is taught how to fly the aircraft visually, ie by looking out of the window. As the Student pilot becomes more proficient, the three basic controls and the combinations of their interaction will become second nature and helicopter will become more stable in all flight modes.  

Essentially the course teaches the pilot how to fly the aircraft first, then as the progress through the basic elements such as Hovering and learning to transition to forward flight and then on onto take off and landing the aircraft, the student pilot then builds up to his first solo flight - A flight that no pilot ever forgets....

Once the Solo flight has been taken the student is then introduced to more external flying functions such as navigation and flight planning, along with the more advance flight manoeuvres, such as advanced Auto rotations and confined area landings. During this middle phase of the course, the student pilot will also practice how to fly the helicopter on their own, by completing the mandatory 10 hour solo requirements for licence issue.

The final part of the course really hones the students ability to fly the helicopter, with navigation exercise, basic instrument flight and emergency slowing of the aircraft in the form of Quick stops.

Once all of the 30 flight exercises on how to fly a helicopter have been completed and the 9 ground exams are passed and completed the student pilot will be ready for their test. This is completed by a CAA qualified Helicopter examiner. The Test is approximately 2 hours long, and the examiner must be satisfied that the student pilot can demonstrate that they know how to fly a helicopter prior to be issued with a licence from the authority.

To maintain a PPL in the UK the pilot must have completed 2 hours of flight per type of helicopter they fly per year and undergo a Proficiency test every 12 months.    

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