Flying Lesson Costs

Helicopter Flying Lesson Costs


Looking for information on a Helicopter flying lesson costs in the UK to become a pilot or gain your Helicopter Pilot's Licence? Well look no further, Heli Ride offers a range of flying lessons, and passing the exam to  become a helicopter pilot. Our flying lesson cost vary depending upon the type of flying lesson or lessons you choose to fly, and importantly the type of aircraft your take your flying lessons in. We have a link here to our Trial lesson booking page which will give you the prices for our trial flying lessons. If you are interested in a course of flying lessons, then please call the office on 02477 332244 and we can discuss our flying lesson cost depending upon your requirements. 

We currently offer the Private Pilot's Licence course (PPL H) or the Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL H) in addition to type ratings for pilots who already have their Helicopter Pilot's licence.

There are differences between the two course PPL(h) and LAPL(h) which are explained by selecting either of the buttons below, the information on both of the pages breaks down the requirements to enter, complete and pass and then maintain the licence, however the flying lessons themselves are the same syllbus. 

In a nut shell the LAPL(h) is for leisure pilots, and the PPL(h) whilst still very much a leisure licence, gives you options to go on to become a commercial pilot. (We currently don't offer the Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL H) training, but have a list of preferred partner companies who we would recommend for this course should you wish to go on to the CPL) 

In the UK, a pilots licence for private flying can be issued after just 45 hours of flight training and your first flying lesson, or the trial lesson as it is known is the first step to becoming a pilot. There are other elements to the course too, such as the theory exams and being of the correct medical standard to hold the licence.