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Heli Ride's Story all started with a trial lesson Jason had in 2005, then at halfpenny green with Heliflight uk. He got out of the aircraft and decided he wanted to fly for a living. Jason Qualified as an Instructor in 2012.

Heli Ride, for a long time was just a booking service to find students and trial lesson pilots, having been in the new school environment for a few years and having gained experience, the logical next step was to start his own school. So, along with Kevin, his business partner, Heli Ride Coventry was Born in 2018. Following two great years of friendship and cooperation with Almat Flying Academy, the two companies decided to cement the working relationship still further with Heli Ride formally becoming part of the Almat Flying academy. 

The experiences of Jason over the years have certainly shaped the mission statement at Heli Ride, he is passionate about getting young people into flying and supporting them through their flight training with good advice, honest and transparent pricing and managing expectations. He also has a good understanding of the schools that the these graduates head off to after completing their PPL and hour building and has practical views on whom the students should be continuing their training with. 

Finally, Heli Ride has a open door policy, ie there is no requirement for you to fly when you come and see us, everyone is welcome and there is always a cup of tea to hand on arrival. 

Heli Ride is passionate about helicopters, flying helicopters and most importantly the people that fly them.

For more information, please drop into Dak House (Dakota House) or call us on 02477 220399, and one of us will be able to answer your questions.

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Coventry Airport - Warwickshire

All of our flights are flown out of Coventry  Airport (EGBE) .

Located in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, convenient for the Cities of Birmingham and Coventry with very short flying times into Warwickshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, this lovely little domestic/training airfield is just right for the budding helicopter pilot to get to the grips with the basics of flight. As on one of the fastest growing GA airfields in the country you can expect first class service from the Tower and the Fueling team at Coventry. With cafe coming soon to the airfield and viewing area outside the Heli ride Office, you can take along your friends and family for a fun day out watching you as you experience the thrill of flying a helicopter.


Heli Ride, Dakota House, Coventry Airport West,
Coventry, Warwickshire.             



02477 220399