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Helicopter training West Midlands and Warwickshire

Learning to fly Robinsons

The Private Pilots Licence course for Helicopters

All Helicopters start their training with a trial lesson, usually then learning to fly Robinson's as their first aircraft type. The initial course for your first licence, the Private Pilots Licence course for helicopters or PPL(h) has a legal requirement to be 45 hours of flight training as a minimum. In reality, the average student tends to take between 60-70 hours, again the length of course is solely based on the ability of the trainee pilot.Heli Ride is endorsed by the CAA to conduct helicopter training in the west midlands and Warwickshire.

The course is made up of a minimum of 35 hour dual tuition and a minimum of 10 hours solo student flight. There are 30 exercises, these are often mistakenly thought to be the hours that make up the course, this is not the case, as some of the exercises take far longer for the average pilot master, for example, Hovering; this can take up to 15 hours for students to start to be proficient.

In addition to the flying hours that you will need to log in your pilot logbook, you will need to complete about 125 hours of self study ground schooling, and then once your instructors feel you are ready, sit and pass 9 PPL(h) ground exams set by the CAA. The exams themselves are usually invigilated  by the training school themselves. The school is required to have a nominated ground examiner whom is known to, and approved by the CAA.  Also, in addition to the 9 exams, you will need to study, and then sit a practical exam for your radio telephony licence.  

Finally, the prospective pilot will also need to have passed a flight medical, again by an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) - we would always recommend gaining this certificate early in your flight training. As if you fail your medical you will not be able to fly. It will save you money on flight training in the long run. 

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Interested? What to do now?

If you would like more information or are ready to book you can either contact Jason on 07506128503 or go ahead and just book a trial lesson now... (p.s. the trial lesson flight time can be used as your first time towards licence issue too!)

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