The Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL H)

How to get a  LAPL (h) 

Information on Getting a LAPL (H)

Looking for information on getting a LAPL(h) or the Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (h) as is the formerly  known?  Heli Ride Coventry has listed all of the requirements and some useful links to help you find out if the LAPL(h) is for you.

Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (H)

The LAPL(h) is a new type of pilots licence, this system of  pilot training is open to everyone, and is aimed on the individual that does not want to go on to become a commercial pilot. The course is slightly different to that of the PPL, as it does not include any requirement for instrument flying and the course minimum hours are reduced to 40 flight training hours.

The course is open to anyone, providing they can pass at least a HGV medical  with an AME (a CAA appoint doctor who can complete the medical), the requirements for the LAPL medical are less demanding than that of a class two medical 

The LAPL Course

The LAPL course itself comprises of a minimum for 40 training flying hours, with 10 of those hours being flown SOLO by the Student. There are 9 ground examinations which are done in house with our ground examiner and a Radio Telephone course and Licence with is completed by a third party company Plane Speak . 

The Ground Exams

The course has an element of Self Study, with there being a requirement for about 125 hours of self ground study (to pass the ground exams, of which there are nine in total) we supply all of the course material required and also complete a "brush up" course prior to taking the exam. 

The brush up course is for the instructor to be satisfied you have completed the required understanding of the subject prior to attempting the exam. You have three attempts at each subject, after that you will need to be referred to the CAA for a fourth attempt. There are also only six sittings allow for the exams, and in the case of the LAPL, each sitting lasts for ten days, so it is advised that you complete a minimum of two exam subjects per sitting to allow the student  any resits to be taken in the last sitting (ten day period)

Life After LAPL (h) Training

The Private Pilot's Licence course is just the beginning of your flight experience, life after the LAPL(h) training is all about what you want to get out of your flying. With a LAPL you can fly VFR (visual flying rules) during daylight hours anywhere in the UK (unlike a PPL you are not allow to fly overseas).  You can just use your licence for leisure flying, with fly outs, and helicopter friendly venues to take your friends and family too. There is also rules now governing the cost sharing flights and there are several of these types of organisation which enable you to offer seats on your flights to the public, but, you must not make money from LAPL flying - the key is "COST SHARING" - a dim view is taken on any LAPL making money from flying. To earn a living you will need to be a CPL pilot, please see the PPL for details on how to start to train as Commercial pilot.

The other limitation is the type of aircraft you can fly - you are limited to Aircraft for 4 seats and 2000kg - essentially the Robinson R44 is the largest aircraft you can fly.

To find out more, you can either book a trial lesson ( the time on this flight is included toward your licence issue total) using the button at the top of the page or call 07506128503 for more information.

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