Helicopter Question?

Heli Ride answers your burning questions


How Safe is helicopter Flying?

There is always an element of risk associated with many forms leisure activity, helicopter aviation is no exception to this. However, that said there are strict maintenance and training programs for the aircraft and the pilots.

How old is too old to learn to fly helicopters?

We suggest students start to fly for a licence from 14, as you can not get a licence issued until 17. There is no upper age limit, but medical fitness is the determining factor. We allow trial lesson pilots from the age of 12.

What are the medical requirements before I start?

No medical is required to start to fly helicopters, however, at least a class 2 medical is required prior to going solo for PPL. You should arrange to see an AME sooner rather than later, as we don't want you to complete an expensive training course only to find you are unable to be issued with a medical certificate. It is prudent to find this out before investing your time and hard earned cash in training.

What are the costs for a licence?

The cost depends on how much ability the individual has. The legal minimum is 45 hours, the average PPL we estimate the price to be in the vicinity of 20k and for a CPL including your hour building can be upwards of 80k

What is the difference between a PPL(h) & a CPL(h) licence?

A CPL(h) or commercial pilot licence holder can be paid for their services, Private Pilots (PPL(h)) can not be paid.