Heli Ride Directions

How to find Heli Ride Coventry

How to Find Heli Ride Coventry

Directions from Tollbar Island

At Tollbar End, take the 2nd exit onto Rowley Rd for 1.3 miles

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Coventry Rd, this will take you through Bagington Village, for  miles

After the Oak Public house, Turn left into the Airport, via the Western Gate

Pause at the Automatic barrier, this will rise after your number plate is recorded.

Continue for 0.1 mile, at the mini roundabout, turn left and follow the road as it passes Anson house.

Follow the right hand 90 degree turn at the Scout hut and follow the Road, this will take you passed the Police RVP and up to the apron access for what was Air Atlantique, turn Left and continue to follow the road.

Continue you to follow the road around the next Right hand bend, this will take you passed a hanger on your right and up to the L3 car park.


To park, please turn right as you get to the large car park and head down to the lower, small Car Park. Once there, Please call 02477 220399 and we will come and collect you and open the gate!

Video Directions - Heli Ride

Directions From The Oak Public House

(Coventry Road Coventry West Midlands CV8 3AU United Kingdom)

Below is a short Video which will guide you from a local land mark, The Oak Public House in Bagington to our offices at Dakota House, Coventry Airport. (CV8 3AZ)

Heli Ride Sign Posts

Look for the Heli Ride Signs at Key junctions from the West Gate to the Small Car Park!